How to monitor week by week pregnancy symptoms?

Week by week pregnancy symptoms should be known. It functions for you to monitor your pregnancy. The symptoms are usually able to be seen from 5th week.

week by week pregnancy symptoms


Pregnancy becomes one of the good news for women who are married. It means that they will have a baby. So, it is important to know the symptoms of pregnancy. It is important to monitor the development of pregnancy so that you can keep your pregnancy as good as possible. The symptoms may not be able to be seen in the first to fifth week. However, after the second month, the symptoms are usually seen. Therefore, you need to know week by week pregnancy symptoms.

Pregnancy Symptoms in 5th to 8th Weeks

When your pregnancy turns to 5th to 8th weeks, you are usually able to notice the symptoms. There are common symptoms in these weeks such as worse vomiting, nausea, heartburn, frequent urination, fatigue, and breast tenderness. Besides that, a woman who is pregnant for up to 8 weeks will produce more blood so that the heartbeat will be faster as well as harder. Anyway, those belong to week by week pregnancy signs that you need to know.

Pregnancy Symptoms in 9th to 12th Weeks

Then, if your pregnancy is about 9 to 12 weeks, the symptoms of your pregnancy are similar to when your pregnancy is about 2 months. Even more, the symptoms can be worse. For example, the fatigue can be more often and more painful. Besides that, the weight will also be heavier. The weight gain is different from one woman to another. The weight gain will is also affected by the weight gain of your fetus in the womb. In this period, the risk of miscarriage is very high. Anyway, it belongs to week by week pregnancy symptoms.

Pregnancy Symptoms in 13th to 16th Weeks

In 13th to 16th weeks, the symptoms that commonly happen can be relieved now. For example, nausea will usually be reduced. However, some symptoms can be worse such as constipation and heartburn. Then, some other symptoms continue such as darkening darkness, soreness, and growth of areola. The breast changes will also continue. Besides that, women with pregnancy in these weeks will breathe faster with short breath. In addition, the blood flow will also be increased. It can cause some problems such as nasal stuffiness, nosebleeds, or bleeding gums. Dizziness is also common to happen. Anyway, those belong to week by week pregnancy symptoms that you should know.

Pregnancy Symptoms in 17th to 24th Weeks

In 17th to 20th weeks or 5th month of your pregnancy, you will usually feel the movement of the fetus in your womb. So, you will feel like butterflies or flutter in the stomach. Besides that, the symptoms of the previous weeks will also continue including gum bleeding, nosebleeds, breath shortness, dizziness, breast changes, constipation, heartburn, etc. Those are week by week early pregnancy symptoms in these weeks. Then, the symptoms will continue until 24th week of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Symptoms in 25th to 28th Weeks

When your pregnancy turns to 25th to 28th weeks, your uterus will continue to grow up. So, it will be heavier. That is why you will also feel it. Therefore, it is common that you will feel back pain. It is caused by the heavier fetus in your womb. Besides that, the other symptoms in the previous weeks continue. Then, dizziness is also more often to happen. Anyway, it belongs to week by week end pregnancy signs.

Pregnancy Symptoms in 29th to 40th Weeks

29th to 40th weeks can be considered as the last phase of pregnancy. In these weeks, you will be easier to feel tired. So, you have to keep your health and take a rest more. Those are week by week pregnancy symptomsthat you have to know. Hopefully this will be useful for you to monitor your pregnancy.

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