Most Common 4 Week Pregnancy Symptoms

4 week pregnancy symptoms are various such as extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, over emotional, sensitive smell, heartburn, etc.

Pregnancy is the condition where you have a fetus in your womb. So, you have always to keep your health to keep your pregnancy. Besides that, you also need to monitor the development of your pregnancy even though it is still 4 weeks. Unfortunately, women will not notice whether they are pregnant or not when they pregnancy is still 4 weeks. Anyway, there are many signs that relate to 4 week pregnancy symptoms. Therefore, you have to know about the symptoms so that you can monitor your pregnancy development well.

4 Week Pregnancy Symptoms

  1. Extreme Fatigue

When your pregnancy is about 4 weeks, the fetus in your womb is still 2 layers. Sometimes, it has been able to be seen from the ultrasound scan but sometimes, it has not been seen yet. That is why you need to know the symptoms. One of the 4 week pregnancy signs can be an extreme fatigue. If you have ever got fatigue but suddenly you get an extreme fatigue, you may be pregnant. So, you can consult to your doctor or take an ultrasound scan test in the hospital.

  1. Shortness of Breath

Besides that, you may also probably experience breath shortness when you are pregnant for 4 weeks. It is not a dangerous disease like asthma but it belongs to one of the 4 week pregnancy symptoms that you need to know. The shortness of your breath may be caused by the existence of embryo. Besides that, it can also be caused the producing of HGC pregnancy hormone. That is why you may experience some unusual symptoms including shortness of breath. So, you have always to keep your condition not to do hard activities.

  1. Over Emotional

The symptoms of pregnancy with early ages also relate to your emotional. When your pregnancy turns to a month, you will usually be more emotional. Even more, it can be said over emotional. It does not mean that you will be easily angry but it is more likely to crying lots. When you hear bad news, you will easily cry. When you remember something sad, you will cry lots. And there are still many examples. Anyway, over emotional can be considered as one of the most common 4 week pregnancy symptoms. Therefore, you need to know about it so that you can control the emotional.

  1. Sensitive Smell

Then, your pregnancy can also affect your smell. In this case, you will have more sensitive smell than usual. For example, you can be more sensitive to smell out something around you. It can be useful or not depending on what you smell. Anyway, it is common to happen to women who are pregnant for 4 weeks. When your pregnancy turns older, this symptom usually will get lost. However, some cases show that this sign can happen until you give birth. As long as it does not danger your womb, it is not a problem for you.

  1. Heartburn

It is also common to happen to those who are pregnant in early ages that they feel heartburn. You will feel that your stomach is warm or even hot. It does not feel painful. Not all women will feel this sign but it can be considered as one of the early signs of pregnancy. When you feel heartburn, you need to keep your stomach and it will be better for you to take an ultrasound scan test to make sure whether you are pregnant or not.

Those are some symptoms of pregnancy with about 4 week ages. There are still many other symptoms that you need to know such as different taste, light headed, sore breasts, hot flashes, lower backache, constipation, etc. Hopefully those 4 week pregnancy symptoms will be useful as a good reference for anyone. Read also Phases of My Pregnancy Week by Week



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