Most Common Chemical Pregnancy Symptoms

Chemical pregnancy symptoms are various such as heavy bleeding, menstruation with cramps, and passing clots. Then, this early miscarriage is caused by some factors such as infections, low hormone levels, etc.

Pregnancy is one of the most wanted things by women. However, not everything will go well. Sometimes, something unexpected happens when you are pregnant. One of the pregnancy problems is chemical pregnancy. It is the condition when early miscarriage happens to you when you are pregnant. It usually happens to those who are pregnant in the first time. The problem is that it cannot be seen from the pregnancy ultrasound scan. So, you have to know chemical pregnancy symptoms. If you want to know about it, you need to know this article.

Chemical Pregnancy Symptoms


The Causes of Chemical Pregnancy

Before you know the symptoms, you need to know chemical pregnancy causes first. There are some factors that cause this early miscarriage. One of them is the low levels of hormone. In fact, pregnancy relates to some hormones and the level is different. The lower the pregnancy hormones, the higher the risk of chemical pregnancy will be. So, you have always to keep your health so that your hormone levels will be higher and you will be kept away from chemical pregnancy.

Besides that, chemical pregnancy can also be caused by infection. If there is infection on your vagina or uterus, the risk of this early miscarriage will be higher. Infection usually happens if there is injury or you do not keep the cleanliness of your vagina. So, you have always to keep it clean so that the risk of chemical pregnancy will be lower. There are still some other causes of chemical pregnancy such as luteal phase defect and inadequate uterine lining. So, some causes can be prevented but some other causes cannot be prevented. What to keep in mind is that you have always to keep healthy and clean.

The Common Symptoms of Chemical Pregnancy

After you know the common causes above, know you should understand chemical pregnancy symptoms so that you can solve it earlier. One of the most common symptoms of this early miscarriage is heavy bleeding. When you are pregnant, you will not get menstruation. However, if you suddenly experience bleeding when you are pregnant even more with heavy bleeding, it can be that you experience chemical pregnancy. Heavy bleeding becomes one of the early miscarriage symptoms even though this miscarriage cannot be seen from the ultrasound scan yet.

Besides heavy bleeding, you may also experience menstruation. Similar to the common menstruations, women who are pregnant and have chemical pregnancy will experience cramps. Of course, it is very painful. However, it belongs to one of chemical pregnancy symptoms that you have to know. So, if you are pregnant and suddenly menstruation happens, it means you have chemical pregnancy. You do not need to be confused because you have ever experienced this as usually. You just need to be patient wait for a few weeks if you want to be pregnant again.

Another symptom of chemical pregnancy is passing clots. It happens from your vagina. It also belongs to chemical pregnancy signs. Different women may experience different passing clots depending on the bloods and hormone levels. Anyway, you need to know that it is one of the early miscarriage symptoms. So, you will not be shocked if you find this sign.

When Will You Get Pregnant Again?

As it is mentioned above, chemical pregnancy is a kind of miscarriage where it cannot be seen from the ultrasound yet. After a woman experiences this, of course she wants to be pregnant again. However, you need to be patient because you have to wait for a few weeks to make your hormone levels normal again. 2 weeks can be the fastest time to wait until you get pregnant again. That is all about chemical pregnancy symptoms. Hopefully this will be a useful reference for women.

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