Natural Benefit in Kale Juice Recipe for Health

Kale juice recipe may have a bitter taste that most people hate. However, it brings many benefits that most people never realize. Learn and experience it.

Natural Benefit in Kale Juice


Healthy drink is very helpful for your body. You can keep your metabolism and digest maintained and healthy by consuming healthy drink regularly. One of famous healthy drink is kale juice. Kale juice provides you more sustained nutrition and energy for your busy and restless days. It can boost your body and mind as it keeps you healthy. Generally,kale juice recipe has some benefits for your health. Besides providing nutrition and energy, your bladder problem can be eased, the blood sugar can be neutralized, and the red blood cells can be built. Moreover, recipe for kale juice is much recommended for those with arthritis. This drink can relieve the pain of arthritis. Being the source of calcium and vitamins, kale juice is a great choice for your health.

Bitter Taste for Better Health

People may hate the bitter and strong leafy green flavor in kale juice procedure. However, the benefit is very great as you may never imagine. The nutrients available in Kale are more than the nutrients in some vegetables like broccoli, chard and spinach. Kale juice recipe, moreover, contains some elements that are needed to keep your body healthy.

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Kale: Source of Iron

Recipe for kale juice contains iron, which becomes one of the most essential nutrients for body. Iron can help the red blood production. By having a sufficient red blood production, you will have a sufficient amount of oxygen you need for breathing. If you have insufficient amount of red blood cell, you can face the risk of anemia that leads to malnutrition and fatigue.

Kale: Source of Vitamin K

Vitamin K which is available in recipe of kale juice is very essential for blood coagulation. By having good blood coagulation, your wound will be healed soon. Vitamin K is also beneficial for body tissues and bones. Moreover, vitamin K is also helpful for those with Alzheimer. However, you should discuss with your doctor if you want to include kale juice procedure into your menu while you are taking medications. Thus, you can find the safest way to consume it.

Kale: Source of Antioxidants-it is Low Calories

Kale contains low calories and antioxidants. It means, you can feel free to include kale juice recipe in your diet menu. It does not bring big influences for your weight as it only contains 36 calories. Besides, your digest will work very well because of the fiber. Meanwhile, carotenoids are often found in recipe for kale juice. This antioxidant, which is an essential form of Vitamin A, is very good for your skin and eyes. The other available antioxidant is flavonoid which is commonly found in the leafy green. Those antioxidants will help you removing the toxin from your body. Moreover, they also protect you from heart disease, cancer, inflammation, etc.

Collect the Kale Stems for Juice

All the benefits of kale juice procedure have been elaborated that you can consider for your own health. Now, let’s learn some tips and suggestion to make your own recipe. You may include kale as the ingredients of your food. Commonly, the stems are removed from the leaves and thrown away. Never do that again! Kale stems are still useful that you can juice it later. Better you collect and save them in a separated bowl.

Add Some More Ingredients

When you are going to juice kale, consider the fruits that may be well-blended with kale such as apple, cucumber and carrot. If you dislike the green flavor of recipe of kale juice, you can add ginger or lemon. To make the juice sweeter, you can increase the number of carrot and apple in your juice. For more watery juice, you can add cucumber. To remove the bitter taste, add some more lemon. Finally, you will have the best-tasted kale juice based on kale juice recipeyou have totally understood.



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