Preventing stretch marks during pregnancy

How to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy from inside and outside? Stretch marks are something annoying that is experienced by pregnant women. The possibility to experience the stretch mark when they found they are pregnant is so high. The stretch marks reduce the beauty appearance of the skin. It could even make you not confident anymore. Luckily, you may still have a chance to prevent the stretch marks before those are existed. You may need some efforts and consistency for this. These are several tips you can try about how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

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Important substances during pregnancy

As the effort of stretch marks prevention during pregnancy, you need to pay attention more about the supply of certain substances which have a big role in keeping the elasticity of your skin and also prevent any bad effect to the skin. These are vital substances you should consume in proper number.

Gelatine is good for preventing stretch marks

Gelatine is one of great ways to prevent your skin to get stretch marks during pregnancy. The formation of the collage is such an essential substance to improve the elasticity of your skin. For increasing the formation of the collagen in the skin, you can eat the gelatine in your diet menu. The collagen is also named gelatine. To include the gelatine, you can include the gelatine into your drinks. It could be utilised to make your Jell-O. The benefits given by the gelatine is not only enhancing the elasticity of the skin but also improving any wound cure, sleep, sensitivity of insulin. Moreover, the gelatine could help body fight any damage from free radicals.

Keep Body Hydrated Well

During the period of pregnancy, the volume of the blood is enhanced. Besides, your body is establishing a great sack of water at the womb for the baby. That is why your body needs a lot hydration. Moreover, the skin is getting stretched due to the massive development within a short period. Then, the proper hydration is crucial to keep the elasticity of the skin. Drink 8 to 12 glasses of fresh water for every day. Dehydration has several symptoms such as dry throat or dry lips, tired, less concentration and even headache. If you are experiencing the symptoms, you should increase the intake of the drink. 

Don’t forget Zinc

One of the reasons why people get stretch marks because their body is lack of Zinc. This substance is actually such a mineral of natural trace. It should be in abundance in the body. This property is also applied on the collagen production. Moreover, it contains antioxidant substance as well. The food which is rich of Zinc is such as beef, chicken, lambs, nuts, eggs, whole grains and legumes.

Always consume vitamin c during pregnancy

To form cartilage and also collagen, the body needs vitamin C. it is also very advantageous to reduce any damage from free radicals. The best vitamin C source is from natural foods, instead of supplements. The food that contains high number of vitamin C is such as green or red bell peppers, kale, guava, broccoli, turnips and many more.

Silicea and Calcarea Flourica

The silicea as well as calcarea flourica is contained in a tissue salt. It could help the bod to maintain the elasticity of your skin. In that way, it could prevent the skin to get stretch marks. Moreover, the ingredients could prevent some others such as hemorrhoids as well as varicose veins.

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