Should You Pop Pimples on Your Own?

When we see any pimple in our face, we surely want to eradicate it as soon as possible. This pimple is really annoying whether in the feeling or in the appearance and that is why most people will do everything to get rid of it. Although you really want to clean it, you should not pop the pimples randomly because it will give bad effects. Should you pop pimples on your own? When you pop the pimples randomly, you will surely face some consequences that are worse. Now, for that reason, you better know the reasons why you should not pop your pimples and know how to pop the pimples well.

Should You Pop Pimples


Reasons for Banning Popping Pimples

There will surely be some reasons you should not pop pimples because it is bad to pop pimples. First, when you pop pimples randomly, you will surely rip your skin and make a wound in it. This wound will be easily infected by impurities and bacteria that may result in worse case of pimples. The inflammation and the redness of the pimples will get bigger and it is surely not good news for you. Then, you will experience more excruciating pain and more pustules which are built up under your skin. Sometimes the pustule can produce unpleasant smells that make you feel disgusted.

Then, when you pop your pimples, you will also support the growth of other pimples in your face. First, you can see that the pimples sometimes are built up in pustules. This puss is the effect of sebum which is trapped and used by the bacteria called P. Acne for regenerating. They will consume the sebum and makes your pores wounded and inflamed that result in the pimples itself. When you pop it randomly, you will separate the water around your face and can inflict the part of the face that you touch. Now, you see some answers for “Should you pop pimples?”

Then, the next answer for “Should you pop pimples?” Is that pooping may lead to deeper push over the bacteria in the skin. The deeper bacteria will lead to harder eradication over it. The more layer of skin which is infected by the bacteria will provide the bacteria better protection against disturbance and it surely not a good condition for you. Moreover, for the new growth of pimple, you should let it develop to its final stages because in its final stage, the power to growth has been reduced and it will be easily to be removed from your body.

Popping Pimples Safely

When you want to pop your pimples, you should pop pimples using good methods. There is good method which can be done for pooping pimples and it is important for you to acquire it. Now, when you want to poop it, you need to wear sterilized glove and sterilized needles for popping the pimples. Then, you need to clean the area around the pimples with alcohol first to make sure that the area is sterilized too. Then, you can pop it with the needles and after you pop it, apply astringent to stop the bleed and kill the bacteria from the inside or outside.

For better solution, you shall pop pimple with the right tools or leave it be because actually, pimple will only live in your skin for about 7 days. When you pop it recklessly, you may expand its life to more than seven days and it does not feel good at all.

Those are all the answer for “Should you pop pimples?” I guess you have to understand that pooping pimples is a kind of dangerous thing and you should not do it. The danger that awaits you is not healthy at all and you need to make it better by getting the right treatment over the pimples.


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