Sleeping On Your Back While Pregnant: Good or Bad?

Sleeping on your back while pregnant should be avoided since it will give bad effect toward the babies. It is better to change position as side-sleeping.

Latter stages of the pregnancy will generally bring kinds of discomfort and there are lots of pregnant moms add the sleeplessness to their lists. Many women will feel like they are huge and they can’t get the comfortable positions on bed. Unfortunately, when they find the one, they must get up for going to the bathroom. Today, some of them find the relief for sleeping on your back while pregnant. However, it is safe for them? This will be explained in detail as follow.

Sleeping On Your Back While Pregnant


Sleeping on your back while pregnant: things to understand

There are general consensus from among many experts are appearing for being qualified the phenomena of sleeping on your back while pregnant with no answer. This is not best positions either for you or your baby. However, the body probably has the way for solving the question for the pregnant women. If you are sleeping on the back, you probably wake up before long anyways. You will not have done any kind of harm but the body will most likely to tell you that this is the time for changing the positions.

Here is why the pregnancy sleeping positions matters. As the abdomen is growing throughout the pregnancy, additional weights need somewhere for going as you lay down. Early on the pregnancy period, it will probably not make much difference and the pregnant women are frequently tired and it makes them do not pay attention toward the sleeping positions anyway. As the body is growing throughout the pregnancy, the sleeping on your back while pregnant will cause full weight of the uterus for pressing on the intestines, spines, and also major blood vessels.The additional pressure here can cause the digestive problems, shortness of breath, hemorrhoids, and also lack of the blood flow to babies. This is why lying on the back probably can cause to grow faint and dizzy or experiencing the lower back pain.

Sleeping on your back while pregnant: resolving problem

Regarding to the sleeping position for pregnant woman, the experts are recommended to sleep on the sides specifically the left sides. This is mainly purposed for increasing blood flow to placenta and the babies. For those who have been accustomed for sleeping on your back while pregnant, it is good for starting the training earlier on your pregnancy period for getting used to the side sleeping. For most pregnant women, side sleeping is a kind of uncomfortable experiences. Alternatively, on the tips for avoiding sleeping on your back while pregnant, it is explained that you can use pillows.

Here, you can use the slim pillow between the legs for keeping the knees apart slightly and the hips are aligned. On the sleeping on your back while pregnant reviews, it is also explained that there are lots of moms that also feel much more comfortable as they have the slim pillows which are tucked underneath the abdomen for giving some supports. You probably need the pillow tucked behind the back for giving the extra support from behind. For those who are used to back sleeping, they can lean back to the back pillow and then create the compromise position between back sleeping and side sleeping.

For several women, they swear by all body pillows which are designed specifically for the pregnant women. Frequently, they look like the giant letter c and it allows you for curling up on the sides which are surrounded by the pillows. However, before going out to shopping this pillow, you better make sure firstly that it can help you to provide the support as what you need. Experiment with the regular bed pillow and you probably find which one you prefer to own.

For those who are still having the problems related to the habits of sleeping on your back while pregnant, you better start to follow the healthy sleep habits for the pregnant women. By this, you better try for getting several modest exercises on the day with the approval from the doctors.


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