Some Ideas in Tomato Juice Recipe for Daily

Tomato juice recipe will give the great idea when you want to higher your health with the natural juice.Tomato is one of the fruit, which is nice and good to increase your health. Well, with the natural substance and high in vitamin, tomato will be a nice thing to be consumed in your daily. To make consuming tomato look great, you can make a juice from it. Yes, here, I have several ideas in making the tomato juice recipe. The ideas will be a nice way to help you in making the creative menu from the tomato. Let us see some kinds of it below!

Tomato Juice


The classic recipe

The first kind of tomato juice recipe, which can be the great idea for you, is the classic one. Well, the classic tomato juice recipe will give the fresh sense for you with its natural taste. To make this recipe, you need some additional substances, such as the parsley and celery. Those ingredients will give the great advantages in your body. How to make it? You just need to mix it in your juicer, btw. It will be nice to be served in the afternoon in your daily.

Tomato watermelon cooler

When you want to combine the fresh tomato with the sugary watermelon, you can make the tomato watermelon cooler. Well, it is the next kinds of the tomato juice recipe, which can be your alternative. It is nice juice with the combination of two high vitamin fruits. In other hand, the water substance in the watermelon will make this great tomato juice recipe tastes fresh and delicious. I think, you will be better to consume it in the midday when the sun smiles in the sky.

Rabbit juice

The combination of tomato, carrot and cucumber will be the next tomato juice recipe, which can be your choice. Well, the combination of those ingredients is named rabbit juice. It is a great recipe when you want to feel fresh in your body. It is reasonable because those ingredients consist of high anti-oxidant. As we know, anti-oxidant is good to have the healthier body. To make this recipe, you just need to mix the 2 large carrots, 2 medium tomatoes and 1 cucumber. It is easy, isn’t?

Big red

Apple is one of the great fruit, which consist of high vitamin A. When you want to have the special kind of tomato juice recipe, I think the big red can be the great idea for you. The big red here means the mix of the apple and tomato. When you are in the fever condition, this one of the delicious tomato juice recipe can be the way to treat your fever. Here, it will be better to be consumed in your daily morning.

Juiced green tomatoes

When you want to have the great combination in making the tomato juice recipe, you can apply the juiced green tomatoes as your idea. Yes, it is one of the special recipes for you, I think. The combination of the cucumber, tomatoes, kale, basil, and garlic will give you a delicious juice with the best advantages. This juice is special with the use of the garlic. We all know, garlic is one of the natural cancer fighters. It will be nice for you to make it in your daily consumption.

Based on the explanation above, we have some kinds of the juice recipes. The kinds of tomato juice recipes can be the idea when you want to make the delicious juice in your daily. It will be nice because those substances have the great nutrition, with its vitamin and others to stable the condition of your body. Well, I hope it will be useful for you!

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