Spotting and Cramping After Period

Every woman must have ever experienced irregular period in their reproductive years. Hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, stress, reproductive problems and even perimenopause could cause such irregularities. It can be spotting and cramping after period, before the period or in the middle of the period. Spotting is light blood passing through vaginal out of the woman’s normal period. The color can be pink, red or brown. Cramping may or may not go with the spotting. It is such pain on the abdominal area that feels like pulse and pulling pain. It can occur before, after or in the middle of the woman’s period. Either spotting or cramping after period, these two reproductive problems can be caused by a lot of factors. Distinguishing the causes is important to make sure you handle it in the right way.    

Spotting and Cramping After Period

The Difference between PMS Cramps and Cramps after Period

There are some differences between PMS cramps and cramps after period. PMS cramps may feel like pain, breast tenderness and moodiness. These occur one or two days before the menstrual and go on until the end of the menstrual. On the other hand, the cramp after period has ended range from light to severe. If the pain is mild, it feels like bloating and heaviness in the tummy area. It lasts for several hours and can be unnoticeable. Otherwise, sometimes the pain is so severe that affects the woman’s activity. In fact, it can occur for several days.   


The Causes of the cramping after period

There are some causes of cramping occurring after your period. Some of those do not need any serious treatment while some others might need a more serious handle. The cramping can come at various times. Some women may get cramping a week after period. The cause for such cramping can be due to prostaglandins remained in your reproductive system. Some women may experience not current bleeding in their menstrual period. Then, when the bleeding is stopped, the menstrual cycle is not actually ended. Then the left blood will be released a week after the period seems stopped.  The other causes of cramping after period include ovulation, birth control methods, endometriosis, Fibroids and even Cysts.   

Ovulation Cramps

If you feel mild cramps after period ends, it can be because of ovulation process when the egg is released from the ovaries. The cramps are over the abdominal area and occur fourteenth to sixteenth days after your last day of the menstrual period. The cramping 2 weeks after period can be easily recognized as ovulation effect because of the time to occur. The pain feels sharp, continuous ad pulsing. It occurs on a certain side of the abdominal region. However, the location side switches in several months. The pain will be so intense especially at the beginning and the end of the day. The cramping because of ovulation can be the best clue for you who want to have a baby.  

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