The Secret Therapy: Ice on Pimple

Ice on pimple is the one of many ways to make your skin healthier. This is the safety ways that you can do at your home with the simple way and cheap price.

There are so many ways to clean up your face from the pimples. The traditional and modern ways have their advantages and disadvantages for your face skin. Pimples will disturb your face no matter how old you are. It’s not funny if your big day coming up and there are any pimples in your face. Nobody perfect, but nobody should have living with pimples. If you want to save your pocket well, you cannot go to the aesthetic doctor. Better if you use Ice on pimple as your way to battle with the pimple. This treatment is cheap, easy, and safety enough for your face.

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Traditional Versus Modern Pimples Treatment

There are so many products from aesthetic doctor to help you fight the pimples to get great face skin. But sometimes the drug is not suitable enough for your skin, and it can make your face irritate. There are simple traditional treatments for you, such as Ice on pimple. This treatment is easy to do at home you can do it by yourself without helping from anybody. Simple enough right? So this article will give you more information about how to clearing pimple with ice.

How Can Ice Fight to Battle the Pimples?

To avoid pimple, drink a lot and avoid dehydration. Many people do not know that dehydration is one of the main causes of pimple grow up. Ice cubes are not only as a supplement drinks only. Sensation of cold ice cubes proved to have considerable benefits for skin beauty. Hail can soothe inflamed pimple to be rid of it. Not only that, there are other beauty benefits that can be obtained from ice cubes. Ice on pimple can calm the skin. Never try squeezing pimple that is inflamed. Pimple emerging it feels a little itchy and sore. To neutralize it, apply ice right at the point of pimple. Ice cubes are also used to remove red pimple simultaneously deflates.

Ice Cube to Eliminate Pimple

Usually, when pimples arise, the surrounding area becomes swollen and red. Well the ice cubes can treat the condition once rid it off. Ice cubes also helps balance excess oil glands, thus reducing pimple. It has been believed that the ice can help minimize pores and control oil production, also can prevent premature aging and the appearance of wrinkles. By getting used to the beauty of ice cubes will give your face a fresh and healthy glow, so you will look naturally beautiful without make-up smear.

A Few Simple Steps How to Use Ice on pimple

Clean the face with a face wash. Avoid cleaning products that contain scrub face while pimple. Due to a rather coarse grain scrub can injure pimple and pimple causes the liquid spreads across the skin. Clean your faces gently, do not rub too hard. After five minutes, take an ice cube and rub on pimple. Rub the skin with Ice on pimple and surrounding areas until the skin numb. This will help kill bacteria and germs that cause pimple. Perform the massage starts from the forehead, corners of the eyes, and the whole face. This massage is done until the chill of ice pervasive and skin numb. It is believed to kill germs and bacteria that cause pimple. Perform this therapy twice a day.

Try rubbing two ice cubes once treatment. In addition, try to do it twice a day. These compresses also will reduce the redness and swelling due to pimple. Use a piece of clean cloth to dry the water from your face. Especially if there is a pimple pus or fluid that comes out when you rub an ice cubes face. For the manufacture of ice, try to make your own ice. No need to buy out. Homemade ice for pimple will be more secure for the hygienic. Make ice cubes using the cooking water. Do not use raw water. This will prevent the emergence of new bacterial infections.

For maximum results, you can mix a few ingredients when making ice cubes. For example mixing olive oil, betel leaf juice mixed with salt, rosemary oil and rose water. This mixture is useful to moisturize and smooth the skin. Combine the mixture before the massage begins. Ice cubes will have a fresh aroma and provide therapy to you in the form of comfort and feeling happy. Take the Ice on pimple to taste and wipe the skin with pimple. Perform massage the face with ice cubes while pressing ice cubes on pimple.

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