The Steps on How to Cover a Pimple Quickly

How to cover a pimple doesn’t simply be done by popping the pimples. It can be covered with the power of powder foundation and concealer to be included in makeup.

Your bright day can turn to be bad when there is something surprising on your face. It is not about the fantasy of suddenly being a beautiful princess on the mirror, but it is more like a nightmare for women. One small pimple can change your mood all the day because it influences a lot to your appearance. Moreover, this nightmare seems so real when the D-day is the important day when you have to face many people at the certain event. For sure, how to cover a pimple must you know. You will not let people look at you with the pimples around the face. You need to get rid of pimples quickly.

How to Cover a Pimple


First Rule: Never Pop Your Pimples!

There is no instant solution such as squeezing or popping the pimples. It can be said that squeezing or popping the pimples is highly forbidden whenever you do. It does not matter if it is the D-day or not, but it is not suggested to pop the pimples. Popping the pimples will not guarantee you to look better because of the redness, or even infection, that can happen to the pimples. It will not solve the problem, but make this problem worse. Therefore, you need to get to know about how to cover a pimple to get ready in the outside. The only solution is to cover it with make up.


Calm the Redness with Ice Cubes

The makeup that is used depends on the pimples. Some people said that concealer is the best one to cover the pimples quickly when actually it is not. Concealer can cover well the pimples, but it can also make the pimples look thicker or dry if it is not applied well. If you already squeeze the pimple, it is better to calm down the redness by the ice cube covered with towel or by ice pack. But, make sure that both of them are totally clean, so it wills not worse the redness of the pimples because of the bacteria.

The Power of Powder Foundation

If the pimples are freshly popped, you need for powder foundation on how to cover a pimple, rather than concealer. Powder foundation can help on how to cover a pimple softly. The concealer will not cover these pimples smoothly because of the open skin in cracked pimples. Try to apply the powder foundation with the very small brush, so the pimples can be covered well. Without the role of small brush, the powder foundation may be applied too thick, so it creates the difference with the other parts of your skin.

The Power of Concealer

The concealer works well for the pimples that have no cracked skin. It must be applied right to the pimples area; don’t go too far from it. If it is applied well at the right point, it can be blended well with the other part of the skin. Blend it using the small brush by firstly dab the concealer on the pimples softly. And then, blend it slowly to reduce the harsh lines around. It is better if you are using the green concealer. The green concealer can cover the redness of the pimples well.

The next step on how to cover a pimple after applying the concealer is to cover it with foundation. Apply the foundation using bigger brush gently. Don’t smudge the concealer because it will make a mess on the face, so do it carefully. If the foundation is done well, the last step is to cover with the powder. You can apply any trick of applying powder in the face, such as for the simple one or with the coloration.

Doing these steps of how to cover a pimple needs good focus because we don’t want to start over the step from the first one because of the little mess. Using brushes is important to apply and blend it well on the skin. Before covering the pimples, always make sure that your face is clean by washing your face gently.


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