Treating Your Face from Pimple with No Head

What is Pimple with No Head?

Having pimple with no head? Feeling a pain without real cause? Do not worry, you can heal it and feel no pain anymore. Pimple with no head is acne that is still beneath your skin with redness and does not have a head or it does not come up yet. It is sometimes called a blind pimple, you can feel the pain but you cannot see the acne. Similar with another kind of acne, it also causes redness in your injured area. If you know early about this pimple, you can treat it in the first stage. But if you are late in knowing the pimple, when the head is coming out, you need to go to second stage of treatment.

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Healing a Pimple with No Head: First Stage of Treatment

To treat a blind pimple, you have to be patience and very careful. If you mess up your early treatment, you may get a big and very painful result. You also may get some irritation if you are drying your pimple with no head. You have to know the right pimple with no head treatment to get the best result, feel no more pain, and you can face the world with confidence.

If the pimple is known early, you can do what we called the first stage pimple treatment. The early stage is useful when the pimple is still forming and usually it feels so painful and you just know something brewing under your skin. You see nothing but feel many pains. You can ice it. Using some cubes of ices for your deep pimple. It can help you reducing the bloods which are flowing to your pain area. You have to put the ice for about 5 minutes on and then 10 minutes off. Be consistent with the time because it will help you so much.

As an addition, you can consume much water and fresh fruit. The treatment from inside will be very helpful in reducing the pimples. Healthy body will make you healthy and avoid many diseases coming to your body. The pimple will not coming to your skin and face if you keep your body healthy.

Healing a Pimple with No Head: Second Stage of Treatment

If the pimple is coming up with the head, you have to do a special treatment. If it has been popping up, it will open a chance to the bacteria, so you have to do the second stage pimple treatment. You can do this treatment when the pimple is still deep and red. If it is starting to have a head, first step you can do is that you can draw it to the surface. It seems so scared, but trusts yourself that you can make it. Then, use a hot or warm cotton ball and hold it on your pain area for few minutes. The hot depends on your capability to stand with it. You can give a space time to draw the pimple with no head out.

If the pimple has been coming up with head, it will be better for you to get the best and proper treatment because the pimple will be so tender and inflamed in this stage. If you do not want to get any scar because of pimple with no head, do not ever squeeze it when it is still in inflammation time. If you are not squeezing it purposely, you can apply an ice or mask to avoid scar. The mask is usually a clay, sulfur, and zinc oxide. Use a cotton tip and apply it to the pimple gently after you wash your face. After that, you must go to bed, so your mask will work well.

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