Vicks vapor rub for stretch marks

How to use vicks vapor rub for stretch marks?. Stretch marks are such a scar that is happened when the skin is getting expand in a short period. There are a lot of products which claim that their products could get rid of the stretch marks in effective way. However, some of those could not prove it. However, there are some reports that vicks vapor rub for stretch marks is effective to heal the stretch marks even though this product itself is not functioned mainly for that. The vicks vapor rub is basically functioned to alleviate cold and cough symptoms instead of skin cure.

Vicks vapor rub for stretch marks

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The Stretch Marks Look on the Skin

Before you use vicks vapor rub for stretch marks, it is good to know what stretch marks actually are. Stretch marks are patterned skin lengthwise streaks. The length and the pattern are random. The steaks vary in the length from millimetre to centimetre. As it is known, there are three main layers of skin. Those are epidermis, dermis and also hypodermis. The epidermis is the outer layer which is protecting the inside parts of body. It consists of flat cells. Dermis is the strong support layer to give tightening and flexibility on the skin. The hypodermis is the part of the skin consisting of fatty tissue and connective tissue.

When the Stretch Marks Occur

The stretch marks appear when the dermis tissue gets stretched more than the flexibility in a short time. As a result, the dermis is broken so that stretch marks appeared. Actually, stretch mars are skin wrinkles only on the dermis. So, the epidermis is still good. 

Where the Stretch marks Exist

The stretch marks can be appeared on various areas in the body. The common area is the area where the fat store or on the area of the skin which is often stretched. Generally, people especially women get the stretch marks on the stomach, especially close to the belly button, breast, back, and forearm, upper arm, thigh and butt.  Even though it is totally annoying, there is no other medical effect for the appearance.

The Content of the Vicks Vapor Rub

The vicks vapour rub is consisting of a blending of several ingredients such as cedar leaf oil, eucalyptus, petrolatum, turpentine oil and also camphor. Besides, there is menthol in the ingredients so that you will feel warm when use it.  The oils in the ingredients make the stretch marks softer. Moreover, Vick vapour rub can be used for other skin problems.

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