What are the causes of heavy bleeding during period?

What are the causes of heavy bleeding during period and what is the treatments? Some women may experience heavy bleeding during period which is commonly called menorrhagia. In several cases, the flow of the bleeding will be reduced as it progresses toward to the period. However, some cases are not that way. It is crucial to figure out the causes in order to find the right treatment for such a condition.

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Duration of Heavy Bleeding during Period

If you experience such heavy bleeding in your period at once in a while, it tends to be considered as a normal bleeding. It will be different if the heavy bleeding during period is continued on a regular base. If the bleeding during the menstrual schedule has been heavy since several times beforehand, you need to be aware. It could be such a symptom from your body to show something unusual happened to your body.  

The Causes of Heavy Bleeding during Period

There are some possible causes which could lead heavy bleeding during your period. You may identify which one is the cause of your bleeding. It is essential to figure out the right cause to enable get the right treatment.

Hormonal Cause

There are two types of women who could get such heavy bleeding during period due to hormonal impact. The two are almost menopause women and a first-year-period young girl. The unstable condition related to the hormone change makes the bleeding tend to be heavier than normal. It is considered as normal. Nevertheless, you need to still monitor more carefully since if the bleeding is too heavy, it might lead to another complication.

Uterine Fibroids

Several women tend to develop such a tumour case namely uterine fibroids. It is caused by excessive production of oestrogen hormone in the body. It also could be due to the production is too quick. However, keep in mind that a fibroid tumour is non-cancerous. Besides, it is also benign. The uterine fibroid is able to lead heavy bleeding during period more than usual, though. The cause is oestrogen hormone, therefore the tumour enhances more quickly during your period or pregnancy. In the two conditions, the oestrogen is formed more. 


Lochia is one of the causes an abnormal heavy bleeding during period. It is actually an excessive bleeding happened after pregnancy. The bleeding is to discharge any abundant fluids such as placental tissue and mucus in the body which are left after giving birth. The bleeding will occur almost instantaneously after delivery. The bleeding will be lasting up to 6 weeks ahead.

PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease)

PID is such a heavy bleeding during period caused by an infection occurred in the lining of the uterine, fallopian tubes or maybe the ovaries. The PID could be emerged due to unprotected sexual activity or surgical processes. The surgical processes include Caesar surgery or abortion. This disease is considered as dangerous and serious health problems. A lot of sexually-active teenagers are plunged into PID misery but they do not realise its danger.


This one of the causes of heavy bleeding during period is small and grows on the uterus lining. Generally, Polyps are due to hormonal change occurred to women. The more potential ages of women who may experience uterine polyps are between 20 and 40s years old. Experiencing polyps could lead the sufferer heavy bleeding during period.  


Some women who are in medication might experience abnormal heavy bleeding during period too. In that way, they need to be careful to take the best medications for their disease. The bleeding could be also due to consuming birth-control pills. 

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