What causes fishy odor after period?

What causes fishy odor after period causes and what home remedies can handle it? Some women, no matter what age they are, have ever experienced fishy odor after period. Such a problem could be happen to a teenager girl to a seventies woman. Women who have such a case may have no idea why they could have a strong fishy smell from their vagina after their period. After the secretion cycle, women experience fishy odor after period along with extra secretion. Therefore women still use their sanitary pad even though the cycle has been finished.  For some women, it might be such a temporary matter while some others experience in a longer period.

causes fishy odor after period

The Causes of fishy odor discharge after period

When a woman start having a fishy odor after period, they are more likely to be panic but not too aware of the cause. They tend to just wait if the fish odor will be disappeared sooner. Fortunately, in some cases, they are not such easy to get vanished. Those could lead stress and embarrassment for the women who experience such a thing. Moreover, it makes them not confident when in public. Actually to know how to cure the fish odor, it needs to detect the real cause so that the medication could be fitted with the case.

There are several causes might lead the fishy odor after period.  Some consider that irregular bathing bad habits could be one of the fish odor causes. Thus, it is related to the cleanliness matter rather than biological matter. However, when they try to use high quality soaps and taking a bath regularly, it turns out that the smell is not vanished. Then, it is not proven if the bathing habitual is causing the fish odor. 

Some women consider sexual activity as the cause of the fish odor on the vagina. The ones who suffer such problems are the women who are totally active sexually in frequent time.  However, it also cannot be ensured whether the cause is this matter. Actually the primary problem of the fishy odor after period seems due to the infection or bacteria around the area. The blood during the period could emerge the appearance of the bacteria. 

The Frequency of the fishy odor discharge after period

A lot of women who experience fish odor find the pungent odor happened only some time. The duration is not regular. Some of women experience only for a day some others for several days. Among their cycle for several months, they might experience it once. However, if it is not healed, the frequency is getting increased.

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