What causes spotting between periods

What Causes Spotting Between Periods?. Once in a while you may find unexpected spotting between periods. Finding unusual spotting in the middle of your period cycle even only for one or two drops makes you wondering if you should be worried about this condition or not. Some women who have irregular menstrual cycle may expect that the spotting could be the sign of the first day of their period. However, you still have to identify the cause of the spotting before considering it as your menstrual spotting. You need to know the difference between spotting and period to make sure if it is not your regular cycle. Once you make sure it is not your period, look for the cause of the spotting and take the right medical treatment sooner if it is required. 

causes spotting between periods

The Difference between Spotting and Period

There are two basic differences between spotting and period. These include the amount of the blood drops and the color of the blood itself. When you find light spotting in time of your menstrual period instead of heavy flow, it is possibly spotting. Bleeding in your period tends to be heavy. The color of the spotting must be pale pink or dark brown whereas bleeding in period tends to be red.  The brown spotting between periods might be not noticeable since it is so light. You may find it as you wiped the vagina area using a toilet paper. It is also noticeable in your underwear when it is happening. Experiencing spotting does not need to use a tampon. Instead, a panty liner is more than enough.

The Cause of light spotting between periods

When light spotting occurs between your periods, there are a lot of possible factors that cause the spotting. The causes include ovulation, contraception, pregnancy or even menopause. Commonly, those causes are harmless so you do not have to be concerned. 

Spotting Because of Ovulation

Ovulation can cause spotting between periods since it is the condition that indicates a woman in the most fertile condition. It could happen in the first or second day after the ovulation process. It is actually normal for some women and can be the best sign for them if they are expecting pregnancy.   

Spotting Because of Contraception Effect

The Spotting between periods on birth control is common since it is such side effect of the hormonal control. The spotting could occur at the beginning of the contraceptive use. It also could happen as you stop using the contraception. If you experience this spotting, you may need to tell it to your doctor since it could be the indication if the contraception is not suitable for you.     

Spotting Because of Pregnancy

Pregnant women might experience spotting in the first three months of the pregnancy. Basically, it is harmless for the pregnancy. If you do not know yet whether you are pregnant or not, you can take a test to confirm it. As you are positively pregnant, you can ask a help to your doctor to make sure the spotting is not due to ectopic pregnancy.

Spotting Because of Menopause

Menopause is one of the reasons for spotting between periods as your body is preparing to change your hormonal condition related to child-bearing. The menopause may affect the hormonal imbalance that causes spotting between periods. The spotting is such a sign that you are entering transition phase of menopause. 

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