What does Implantation Bleeding Look Like?

What does Implantation Bleeding Look Like? When does it occur? A wife who’s looking to conceive will be significantly desperately waiting for implantation bleeding to happen. This is due to she is on the judgment that it is usually an signal of good pregnancy. And yes, she’s correct too! But precisely what is more essential for her is to identify this kind of bleeding and this is only possible by knowing an answer towards this problem.

what does implantation bleeding look like


Implantation bleeding is the bleeding that occurs when the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall. It is usually an early sign of pregnancy. It is normal and usually occurs in about a third of the female population. It is usually lighter than menstruation blood. However, some women have been known to have considerable spotting during implantation. What does implantation bleeding look like more detail?

When does implantation bleeding occur?

It is usually expected to occur between six to twelve days after intercourse. It may also take the same duration following ovulation. The bleeding is slight. Remember that this happens because something is attaching itself to your vaginal wall. That something is a fertilized egg which is very small. So bleeding heavily is almost non-existent in this case. If you experience heavy bleeding, visit your gynecologist for more detailed information.

In fact, implantation bleeding occurs when the tissues around the egg damage a blood vessel in the uterine wall. The damage should not be serious only that it will result in a small amount of blood trickling into the cervix and then through the vagina. This will lead to spotting for a few days but not repetitive spotting.

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Some women confuse it with light period but it is usually too light and generally takes about two days to clear. Sometimes the spotting may appear as a faint pink.

What color is implantation bleeding?

The implantation bleeding color is usually darker than the menstrual blood. It tends to lean more towards brown than red. Some women may notice a light pink when they use tissue paper in the washroom. Bleeding will usually show in a few women. It is light spotting that may stain your panties brown but not heavy enough to get to your outerwear. You may also notice a brown tone to your vaginal discharge. For more detail read this article: How to identify implantation bleeding color in toilet paper.

What does implantation bleeding look like?

If you want to know what implantation bleeding look like, it will be thinner than menstruation blood. It will look more like vaginal discharge with a pink tint to it. If it is in the final stages, the brown color will show as a brownish stain on the panties from the discharge. For women who experience a heavy implantation bleeding, the blood will have a deeper staining but it will still have a thin look as compared to menstruation blood. You will be able to tell the thickness of the blood simply by looking.

Menstrual blood is thick and quite the dark red. Blood from implantation, however heavy will be a shade of pink or a brown light stain. Spotting blood is average. Its color and density falls in between menstruation blood and implantation blood. The trick to spotting it that is spontaneous. It is not predictable like menstruation or implantation bleeding.

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