What does Implantation Bleeding Look Like?

Implantation Spotting Blood

Spotting is so called because it is just that; spotting. It is not continuous bleeding. It is simply unexpected bleeding that leaves blood stains every now and then on the panties. It is also irregular and unpredictable. It does not have a time-frame associated with it.

Menstruation Blood

Menstrual blood is usually light at the start of the period and then it progressively gets heavier as the period progresses then eventually gets lighter and stops. Some women may experience a heavy flow that may have several days of intense bleeding. Eventually the bleeding stops and a natural cleaning process of the vagina ill take place. This cleaning removes all remaining blood in the vagina and cervix which is usually darker that menstrual blood. It is also lighter than menstruation.

Study the Pattern

It is hard to confuse implantation bleeding with heavy period. Light period however can be a little confusing. Light period also comes as a light-heavy-light wave and then disappears so you can always check and compare any bleeding to that pattern. If it does not fit, then you are probably having implantation bleeding.

Who should expect implantation bleeding

Implantation bleeding is only expected in sexually active women. Any woman of childbearing age who is trying for a baby should know the difference between the kinds of bleeding so as to almost accurately predict the time when the baby is expected to be born. It is not her duty to predict but this information is important in helping your doctor tell you precisely when your baby is due.

If you are not sexually active, you probably have spotting in between your periods if you notice slight bleeding or blood stains on your panties. You should see a gynecologist if this happens in order to get more details about what is happening. Expert knowledge is required in such matters.

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