What is the best makeup for sensitive skin?

What is the best makeup for sensitive skin to prevent the skin from irritation?. Regarding the statement of American Academy Dermatology, it is found that any preservative and fragrance contained in variety of makeup products could irritate skin. It makes more imperative to choose the best makeup for sensitive skin since such skin will be more likely to get irritated than the normal, oily and dry skin. When your skin gets itchy or red after applying a certain makeup, you need to surely change the makeup with the other times. To be more discerning choosing the ingredients as well as types of the makeup products you will use can be counted on to prevent any inflammation on sensitive skin.

best makeup for sensitive skin

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Ingredients of Best Makeup for Sensitive Skin

It is crucial to read the label consisting of ingredients of makeup products you want to purchase. Due to the effect of fragrance that is able to aggravate the sensitive skin, you need to look for the makeup which is not using perfume.

Label of no Fragrance Content

The makeup that does not include any perfume will have label like “fragrance-free” or “without perfume”. For the best makeup for sensitive skin, ignore any makeup with label “unscented” since it is commonly containing perfume for the sake of disguise any chemical smells on the product. 

Preservatives Avoidance

Actually, the preservatives content are needed in a makeup ingredient to avoid any growth of bacteria, especially for the makeup with water as one of the ingredients. So, in order to reduce the irritation effect, the best makeup for sensitive skin you need to choose is the makeup with less preservative ingredients. Choose the makeup with ingredients less than 10 substances.  The preservatives materials are such as paraben, phenoxyethanol as well as formaldehyde.  

Best Makeup Foundation for Sensitive Skin

The makeup for face included concealer, foundation as well as blush. The options of the best foundation are those that should be labelled with “hypoallergenic” or “non-comedogenic” since makeup with such a label is intended to reduce any allergic reaction from the makeup.

Powder Foundation

For the Best Makeup Foundation for Sensitive Skin, you need to choose the powder one. It is because foundation in powder form tends to have less preservative substances since the product must have no water in the content. In that way, the susceptibility for bacteria growth is higher.   

Liquid Foundation

If you prefer liquid-formed foundation rather than the powder one, make sure you choose the foundation which has silicone in the ingredients. Based on the report of Healthy System at University of Alabama Birmingham, it is found that the foundation with silicone ingredient will be less likely to make the sensitive skin irritated.

Water-proof Avoidance

The best makeup for sensitive skin especially for foundation is which has no water-proof specification. It is because such foundation I able to strip the sensitive skin of the protective oil. In addition, it could cause irritation to the sensitive skin too.

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