What Is Triple Negative Breast Cancer

What Is Triple Negative Breast Cancer? Triple negative breast cancer is a type of breast cancers suffered by fifteen percent of breast cancer patients. When a woman has breast cancer diagnosis, the doctor will do some tests to find out whether the cancer cells on the woman are hormone receptive. The hormone receptive tests are important to do because it will be related to the treatment later. Some cells of the breast cancer are receptive for estrogen, progesterone and also gene HER2. But some other cancer cells are not. The breast cancer that is not receptive for HER2 and the two hormones is called TNBC or Triple Negative Breast Cancer. 

 Triple Negative Breast Cancer


Triple Negative Breast Cancer Symptoms

It is crucial to understanding the triple negative breast cancer symptoms. These are some symptoms that refer to triple negative breast cancer.  

Cannot Respond Hormone Therapies

Generally, the behavior and the look of the breast cancer cells can be seen from the receptors, proteins located inside and on the cell surface. The receptors will receive messages from the bloodstream substances and then tell the cancer cells what to do. Such cancers can get hormone therapies to treat the breast cancer cells and stop the growth. Nevertheless, the triple negative breast cancer is negative for such receptors. This cancer cannot respond the hormonal therapies, especially the therapies which target estrogen, progesterone, and HER2.  You may get more detailed information about the difference between positive-receptive and negative-receptive breast cancer from any triple negative breast cancer foundation that usually provides meaningful services and information related to this matter.

More Aggressive than the Other breast Cancer Types

Based on some studies, it is found that TNBC is more likely to extend beyond the area of the breast. In fact, you may still worry if cancer will come back even though you have treated cancer. The risk of the triple negative breast cancer recurrence is much higher than the other types of cancers.    

Has the higher grade than the other breast cancer types

The grade level of the cancer cells is related to the appearance of the cells compared to the normal cells. The higher the grade of the cancer cells, the less the look and the growth patterns of the cells to resemble the healthy and normal cells will be.  

The Cells are Basal-Like

The cells of triple negative breast cancer are usually called as basal-like. It is because those resemble the basal cells which line the ducts of the breast. Just like the other breast cancer types, the basal-like cells can and cannot correlate to family history. Such cells also have higher grade cancer and are also more aggressive than the others.   

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