What Not To Do While Pregnant: Needs To Know

What not to do while pregnant are variously. Those include avoiding drinking alcohols, smoking, too much consuming drugs and chemicals that can harm the babies.

For women who are getting pregnant, they have to know that there are several things to avoid in order for keeping the upcoming babies healthy. By this, as you are on your first period, you better know the information of what not to do while pregnant. This information will be explained in details as follow.

What Not To Do While Pregnant


What not to do while pregnant: drinking alcohol

One of what not to do while pregnant guidance is avoiding all kind of alcohol. Particularly, this should be done on first three months. However, some people believe that occasional glass will probably do no harm either for mother or babies. On several sources, it is said that there are no evidences the couple of units twice or once in a week do any kind of harm to babies. But, it cannot rule out categorically any kind of risk.

For some people, what not to do while pregnant advice by means of avoiding drinking alcohol is probably being vague. Yet, there is the reason that drinking as you are getting pregnant is truly dangerous potentially since alcohol crosses placenta and the developing of liver of your baby will not process as it should be. By consuming too much alcohol, it will raise the risk of miscarriage and the chance for babies of having low birth-weight. This also can lead to the foetal alcohol spectrum disorders that cause the serious health problem for the baby including behavioral disorders and heart defects.

What not to do while pregnant: smoking

Besides drinking alcohol, the pregnant women are also recommended to avoid the smoking. It is one of some areas where there will be no disagreement as the fact that smoking is not good either for you or your baby. On the information of what not to do while pregnant, it is stated that cigarettes can increase risk of the babies for having the lower birth weight and born prematurely. Potentially, it will make them get the respiratory problems. The worse one, the maternal smoking can be linked to the miscarriage and sids or sudden infant death syndrome.

For those who smoke, you have to know that pregnancy is ultimate aversion therapies where one whiff of the tobacco will make you feel of nauseous. For some people, this can be much more of the struggle for giving up specifically with added stress of the pregnancy. For this step of what not to do while pregnant description, you can train yourself for avoiding cigarette by chewing the gums. You can keep taking it in your bags, pockets, and also over your houses.

What not to do while pregnant: taking drugs and chemical

Others thing on what not to do while pregnant are consuming too much drugs during the pregnancy. For those who use ecstasy, cannabis, cocaine, ketamine or the others illegal drug then so is the baby because the drugs will cross placenta. It can increase risk of the pregnancy complications and also foetal abnormalities. Here, you don’t worry toward what you have done in past. All things you do just concentrate for stopping consuming the drugs in present especially as you know that you are getting pregnant. As alternative, you can also check with the midwife or doctor about any over of counter drugs like painkillers you are taking or probably need for taking during the pregnancy. They will give some helpful suggestion on correct dosage and also offers the others safe alternatives as it is necessary.

Too much consuming chemical should be avoided also during pregnancy. Your doctor will absolutely advise to avoid exposure toward the foods and products which probably contain chemical. The phthalates and bisphenol are some of the chemicals which can harm the unborn babies. The fact is that you likely come to the contact with the potential risk throughout the pregnancy and effect of lots of environmental chemicals on development of baby is still unknown. For the best provision on what not to do while pregnant, you better avoid the chemicals wherever it is possible even it is unfounded or eventually minimal.

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