What should I do not do when getting pimple on lip?

[dropcap style=”nonestyle” rounded=”nonestyle”]F[/dropcap]inding a pimple on lip is far more annoying than other acne there may be. It can be simply recognizable by every individual. If you try to touch it or perhaps squeeze it, you will find it very painful. Therefore we need to know what activities that can make this pimple getting bigger or even worst. Here are several activities you need to avoid so the restitution on the skin will not grow fast when getting pimple on lip.

What should I do not do when getting pimple on lip?

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Firstly, do not hold or touch your lips repeatedly. Your hands are your organ that touch everything around you. You touch clean thing with your hand or dirty one. Your hands are the device that spread every bacteria of microorganism. If you continuously touch your lips, toxic irritants can be easily transferred to your lips. that leads your pimple getting worst.

do not do when getting pimple on lip

Do not use to much cosmetic! Every cosmetic you use on your lips will only close your epidermis from the air. It means every pore in your lips can not breath easily. Wound in the center of pimple need fresh air to make it dry. Blocked pores also make your lips getting red. Cosmetics also contains chemical compound which maybe will lead your skin getting irritated.  If you need to use your cosmetic make sure that it is water based product. Water based cosmetic is more friendly to skin than other kinds of cosmetics.

Do not sleep with a foul bed sheets and pillowcases. Not just with linens that you’ve used daily and also non washed. In fact your bed is containing much oil produced from your body every day. So it is a good place for microorganism to spread out. If you lay your face on your current bed sheets, your dirty oil are being reapplied on your face and maybe on your lip. This bad habit will lead pimple on lip spreading out.

Avoid smoking cigarettes or perhaps stay clear of light up.

Getting a pimple on lip can be be extremely bothersome because it seems a lot more hurtful in comparison with other pimples appears on some other part of the skin. Abide these easy steps in order to avoid fast complications.


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