What to Expect at 6 Weeks Pregnancy

What to expect at 6 weeks pregnant relates to the baby and the process of pregnancy itself. Every mother needs to get knowledge about the phases where the development of pregnancy occurs.

Anxiety normally occurs when a mother is getting pregnant. There are certain feeling which is felt and thought toward what will happen next relating to her pregnancy. There are six weeks which contains mother expectation, especially for the baby and pregnancy. What to expect at 6 weeks pregnant may be similar from one pregnant mother to another pregnant mother. This article will give general explanation of what to expect at 6 weeks. It is actually about the baby pregnancy to expose in some reviews below.

6 Weeks Pregnancy


What to Expect at 6 Weeks Pregnancy to Baby’s Development

Baby can be what to expect at 6 weeks pregnant by every mother. Usually, a mother will think of how big her baby is and it is normal to know the baby development physically. At the first week, the baby gets 2-4mm length or 0.08-0.16 inches length. The measurement result is got from measuring the baby from the head top to the rump. The measurement of crown rump is more often used than the crown toe type since the baby’s legs are fond n bend up position to the body within utero. This actually makes it difficult in getting accurate measurement of crown toe.

Since the baby is still formed inside, what to expect at 6 weeks pregnant by a mother can be embryo development. In the period of embryo development, week 6 is known as a busy time and it signals embryonic period that occurs about 6-10 pregnancy week. During the period basic foundations of baby’s life are established so it becomes sensitive to negative factors (nicotine, alcohol, pollutants, chemicals and caffeine) that can hinder the development.

What to expect at 6 weeks pregnant based on embryo development relates to yolk sac and amniotic sac. Both terms are two cavities hat have been developed from embryo. The yolk sac will not disappears and attains large size as immediate as fetus starts to gain nourishment from placenta. The amniotic sac envelops the body stalk and the embryo while it is enlarging. The body stalk connecting the developing embryo to the placenta develops in umbilical cord that contains one single vein and 2 arteries.

What happens next in week 6? In this week baby’s hear can be found beating and prominent. Besides, the development can be with baby’s blood supply and blood vessels that is really separate from mothers. Baby’s circulation uses the yolk sac resources firstly and then it is followed with the placenta. The circulation is actually closed and it does not blend directly with mother’s blood. To feed the baby, mother’s blood is the connector that is also open to uterus. If the separation of placenta occurs, mother loss the blood while the baby is not lost.

What to Expect at 6 Weeks Pregnancy due to the Symptoms

Since you want to know what to expect at 6 weeks pregnant, symptoms is also important to know. As the pregnancy symptoms, it can be found that more noticeable pregnancy signs appear here, like tenderness or soreness, constipation, fatigue, more frequent urination, and nausea with vomiting. If one of these symptoms occurs to you, don’t take laxatives as the medicine without your doctor suggestion. You can try certain exercise, eat foods having high Fibre and drink more portions of fluids.

What to Expect at 6 Weeks Pregnancy for Confirmed Pregnancy

To complete the elaboration of what to expect at 6 weeks pregnant, there are certain things that happen in confirmed pregnancy. In this case, a mother must decide a place of baby’s birth and a person who will manage to care the pregnancy process. If the decision is taken sooner it is better because the mother or family can schedule the first appointment to a professional of health care. By this way, the anxiety of facing pregnancy can be managed well.



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