What You Will Expect In Experiencing Pregnant At 38 Weeks?

38 weeks pregnant what to expect are the things that are normal happed to women pregnant due to the offspring in their fetus.

Pregnancy is the happiest time for women especially because it is the time where they carry their baby inside of the uterus. When women get pregnant, they carry their offspring inside of the uterus. When women get pregnant, they usually be with digestion incase of the baby is twin or many be can be triplets. For the times that have to be waited for women pregnant is around 38 weeks for coming out the baby from the uterus. There are some symptoms that are usually faced by women during pregnancy.38 weeks pregnant what to expect will be explained more below.

38 weeks pregnant what to expect


Symptoms may be expected during women 38 weeks pregnant

Generally during pregnancy, women are more sensitive, the symptoms for 38 weeks pregnant what to expect are such as breast pain, breast tenderness, breast swelling, swollen feet, loss appetite, gaining weight, fatigue and many others. It is very usual for women to experience those kinds of symptoms anyway when they carry the offspring. For that, for those of you who are pregnant, then you do not have to be worry because that kinds of thing is normal anyway. For that, the women pregnant must get the urine test that has the purpose to know about the result their maternity. They are also required the checkup regularly to avoid the dangerous risks that may happen.

There are many women that usually do not realize when they get 38 weeks pregnant what to expect. They usually realize that when they get the morning sickness for the stages of the first trimester of the pregnancy. Just for the first time, may be women think that they are just sick normally and it is not related with any kinds of nausea and vomiting for being pregnant. The morning sickness actually happens due to the change of the women’s hormone level which is produced by fetus.

This kind of hormone fluctuations is the cause of the women food carving that has been known as the mood of swings. This kind of mood swings usually happen in the first of trimester. This symptom will always come during 38 weeks pregnant what to expect. Before that, women will get the second trimester in which the women bodies have to be adjusted with the presence of the fetus because the fetus itself starts to grow as its own organ. In this case, the mother will gain weight about three or four pounds.

38 weeks pregnant what to expect for final of the third trimester

In this phase, is the final of the pregnancy where the baby in the fetus is almost fully growth and developed for its organ and the organs are functioning itself. In this phase is about 30 weeks in which if you think you will give born then it must be helped by the medical help. In this 30 weeks then your baby will be born premature because normally people can give birth at the 38 weeks pregnant or over 40 weeks.

In this 38 weeks pregnant what to expect, mother usually will feel more uncomfortable in this third trimester. There are many causes that can be experienced by mother 38 weeks pregnant such as feeling hurt at you back and you may be urinate in many times. For you, a mother pregnant then you does not have to be worry because those kinds of ways are normal. Those happen because of the pressure is applied the fetus on you. The effect for this is you will get difficult in sleeping and feeling crankiness for the third trimester.

For that, as a mother you have to always keep your body healthy. This is very important because there are many 38 weeks pregnant what to expect that may happen during pregnancy. If you have a healthy body, then you can endure well all the expectations that may disturb you.



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