When does implantation bleeding occur after conception

When does implantation bleeding occur after conception? All women who are planning to have a pregnancy need to know when fertilisation and implantation happen along with the symptom typically following the pregnancy, including when does implantation bleeding occur. It is crucial to detect the conception day which is typically happen in the mid menstrual period which is along the ovulation time. The crucial process to know is also the implantation process along with the problems during the implantation like bleeding and pain. Those stages of the phases are elaborating to make the women could notice if they are getting pregnant. Every single stage lasts within a particular period, so the woman can recognise the symptom and find out whether they are truly pregnant or not.    

when does implantation bleeding occur

Fertilisation Occurrence

Before you answer when does implantation bleeding occur after conception we must learn a little about fertilisation. The process fertilisation will happen when a matured ovum unites with a cell of sperm. The main term of fertilisation is ovulation. During the process of fertilisation, the ovule will be entering the tube of fallopian. In the tube, there are spermatozoa waiting. This stage takes only one occurrence in one cycle.

The fertilisation itself could happen only one within 25 – 35 days. However it is totally depending on the duration of the cycle for every woman. They can have different duration for this, regarding their period. One thing should be known that the fertilisation must be happened after ovulation. After the ovulation, the ovum will be staying alive to wait the sperm within 12-24 hours. If the ovum is not fertilised yet, there will be another chance to get fertilised for the next cycle since there are two ovums from two ovaries.

Period to wait for a Conception

Generally, the time to wait for conceiving is within 24 hours. Nonetheless, a number of preparations for the conception have been started earlier. The preparations have been started since 5 – 7 days before the ovulation process. On the other hand, the spermatozoa could wait for the ovulation since some hours – 7 days after getting inside the tube of fallopian or uterus. The spermatozoa could stand up to such a long time due to the cosy environment provided by vagina. Thus, despite the fertilisation done during the ovulation, it is still possible for a woman to get pregnant even if the sperm get in 5 days before the ovulation.

When does implantation bleeding occur after conception?

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