When does implantation bleeding occur after conception

Implantation Occurrence after Ovulation

Sometimes women get negative result when testing their pregnancy even though the conception has been occurred. It is because the early period of conception, the HCG level is still low. The HCG level is the indicator used by the test pack to indicate the pregnancy happened to the women. Due to the low level of HCG, it is not enough to give the positive sign although the woman has got fertilised.

After fertilisation occurred on the ovum, then the ovum runs from the fallopian tube toward to the womb. The trip of the fertilised ovum takes 7 up to 12 days. It is depending on various factors including the nutrition of the embryo and the strength of it. The embryo has secured membrane to protect the ovum and then it will embed to the endometrium by using the fibres from the inner side of membrane. Such inner membrane is namely trophoblastic. The embedding process of the ovum to the endometrium is commonly called hatching.

The implantation of the embryo to the endometrium could be successful or not successful. If the embryo has no such error genetic data from the mother, the pregnancy will be developing well. Vice versa, if the there is some not fits condition such as protective mechanism from the female, rejection from the womb and other various matters triggering failed attachment, the menstruation is starting. And there will be no pregnancy.

The process of implantation takes up to 48 hours because the embryo needs step by step to embed its body to the endometrium. In the middle of this process, the future mother will feel stress, worry and even overwork.

When does implantation bleeding Occur

When the embryo is merging to the wall of the uterine, the future mother will feel such a pulling in the lower area of abdomen. When the embryo is attaching and staying during the pregnancy period, the uterine could be disrupted. The uterine contains full of nourishment as well as blood. Those two are required to give nutritious to the embryo to develop becoming a baby. At early attachment process of the embryo to the uterine, there could be small disruption on the uterus lining. The disruption lead light bleeding to the future mother.

Implantation Bleeding Characteristic

Sometimes, the implantation bleeding occur could be seen directly on underwear. Some other times, it is spotless due to the amount is very little. The implantation bleeding looks so light. The colour is pinkish and sometimes water. Some cases show that the bleeding is red with bright colour. After lying down or sleeping, the implantation bleeding occurs in brown colour. It is because the blood is standing in the vagina for several hours, not directly coming out. 

Period of Implantation Bleeding Occur

The exact time of the implantation bleeding is around six to twelve days after the process of ovulation and also fertilisation. Some women think that this bleeding is such a symptom of menstruation because the period is almost the same. Since it is one or two weeks after ovulation as well as fertilisation, the implantation bleeding occurs before the women figure out if they are pregnant. In this stage, the HCG hormone which is used to be the indicator of pregnancy has not been detected yet. The HCG will be produced after the embryo has totally embedded to the uterus and the early development has been happened on the placenta. So, the HCG hormone is quite longer produced after the implantation bleeding occurred. Therefore, the bleeding is too early to be suspected as pregnant sign for most women.

It has been clearly known that the exact time of implantation bleeding occur after there is fertilisation of the ovum to be an embryo. It takes 1 week up to 2 weeks from the fertilisation process up to the implantation process of the embryo on the uterine wall that emerge implantation bleeding occurrence for some women.

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