Why Do Pimples Form in the Skin?

Why do pimples form? Pimples are formed because of some reasons that come from the inside of the body and the outside of the body.

The most common facial problems that almost every person in this world has is pimples. Pimples can be really annoying from the pain that it produces and also its effect in spoiling someone’s appearance. Most women will be really pissed off when they have this and when this pimple is cured, it often leaves a mark in our face that still makes our appearance get worse. For that reason, we better know how to prevent instead of curing these pimples. So, why do pimples form in our skin? Let us find out about it now.

Why Do Pimples Form


The Natural Causes of Pimples

When we talk about why pimples form in our skin, there are two kinds of reasons which come for this explanation. First, the reason why pimples form in our face is the hormonal imbalance which often happens in our body. There are many occasions that can trigger pimples through hormonal imbalance like the puberty, pregnancy, menstruation, and many more. Then, the pimples can also be triggered by allergy to certain substance. We often get this substance from the pollutions or other kinds of things that have contact with our face.

Then, some skin type can also become the reason of why pimples are formed in our face. Many people born with different kinds of skin and each of them sometimes have their own sensitivity. For example, oily skin in the face has bigger chance for getting pimples compared to common face. Then, you can also get pimples from the sexual transmitted disease. It means that certain sexual disease like herpes can trigger the pimples in our lips.

The Unnatural Causes of Pimples

The most common causes of pimples which can be prevented are the unnatural causes. Why do pimples formbecause unnatural causes? Here are some explanations about the unnatural causes and why they will make you have the pimples. First, smoking is the most common cause of pimples itself moreover smoking uses lips directly that will inflict the area that is used for pimple growth. Then, fast food will trigger pimples in the lips too. Fast food often contains fatty, greasy, and low diet food that will surely provide more production of oil in our face.

Then, stress is the next reason of pimple in our face. When we are stressed, we also trigger hormonal imbalance. So, you need to act calm and now your condition if you want to fight your pimples. Personal hygiene is the most important part when we want to stay away from the pimples. Personal hygiene can be acquired by bathing more often and wash sweat when it starts to dry. Bacteria can grow when our body is dirty and the causes of pimples are bacteria too. That is how pimples are formed in unnatural way. Another kind of action in beautifying and changing our appearance can also trigger pimples. For example, using low quality makeup, waxing, lip piercing, and threading can cause this pimple to grow.

How to Overcome Lip Pimples

After answering “why do pimples form?” let us find out some solutions for preventing this pimple. It is better to prevent than to overcome and first, you need to be clean in all body by having more bath and brushing your teeth. Then, you need to be careful in choosing the lipstick. For reducing the growth of pimple, do not squeeze or pop pimples because it can trigger its separation.

Those are all about the answer that I can explain about “why do pimples form?” We need to know all of them so we can keep ourselves away from this simple but annoying disease. Keeping our beauty away from pimples is great idea to maintain the aura of youthful appearance.

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